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Unit 731 is a hardcore metal band formed in Pittsburgh, PA in 2005. The band combines death metal, hardcore, and slam to create a heavy and chaotic sound that Pittsburgh bands are notable for.  Influences include Dying Fetus, All Out War, Irate, and Built Upon Frustration. Lyrically, Unit 731 focuses on socio-economic issues and personal philosophical questions of our place within reality.  


"A Plague Upon Humanity" CD -  2007 - Filled With Hate Records (GER) 

"Res Ipsa Loquitur" CD - 2010 - Self Released 

"The Hive Mind" CD/12" - 2014 - Harm Reduction Records (USA)

Unit 731 is:

Eric - Vocals

Chris - Guitar

Dan - Guitar

Jeremy - Drums

Tim - Bass

Contact us:

Twitter and Instagram: @Unit731pa